The Office

Made up of German and European patent attorneys, HWP Intellectual Property is specialized in preparing, obtaining, acquiring, defending, and enforcing industrial property rights. Advice on other issues relating to industrial property rights, such as the strategic and commercial organization of patent families, the formulation of cooperation and license agreements, and the application of the Employee Inventions Act, are all part of the office’s aforementioned core competencies. Moreover, accompanying activities like guiding our clients through the development of new ideas also play an important role. As a result of our patent attorneys’ solid technical training and experience, their technical competency comprises physics, machine engineering, process engineering, food technology, medical technology, and electrical engineering.

Our Conviction

No matter what the technical idea, or what legal or commercial question our clients may have, or how seemingly simple or complex their market situation may be, for us it also means challenge, impulse, curiosity and the professional search for a solution. Just like nature, the world of commerce is unrivalled in its creativity when it comes to either asking questions or finding answers. It is especially this inexhaustible source of technical and legal problems which we resolve creatively with our technical, legal and entrepreneurial sensitivity for the individual situation of our clients.

Cover Picture

We deliberately chose not to employ the classical crossbar design used by many websites or pictures of courthouses, attorney’s robes and law firm’s chambers. This is because our work revolves around supporting our clients on a constant upwardly striving path – being seldom a straight path – towards new forms of technology, but one frequently afflicted by peaks and troughs. However, even when technology is protected, it is never the pinnacle of achievement, even in its seemingly final perfection. Rather, it forms one of the many peaks and climaxes that open up additional and frequently new paths towards exciting destinations.

The situation is similar with the path towards an intellectual property right (IPR), whether it be a patent, design or trademark. This is because, in being limited by the familiar, we have to extract what is new and, through the power of our language and presentation, nurture it to new heights worthy of protection. The breadth of the newly acquired IPR then forms a legal base worthy of defense, which ultimately makes it possible for our clients to tread countless new technical and commercial paths for the first time completely alone.


Our office has emerged from the Munich branch of Hauck Patent and Law Office, a nationwide law firm. This Munich branch was opened in 1968 to establish a close relationship with our clients and the German and the European Patent Office. From 2007, the branch was led by Dr. Heyer. When Hauck decided to focus its legal business in Hamburg only in 2010, Dr. Heyer took over the Munich branch and continued to run it as an individual firm.